Our Purpose

MiND Your Matter endeavors to promote mental wellness for women of African descent. By generating awareness that helps eliminate the stigmas associated with matters of the mind, we hope to empower women to seek help when these matters arise.

Our Philosophy

We believe a simple approach to normalizing the topic of mental health is by inserting elements of it in everyday discussions and activities, which will also educate people in the process.

Meet the Founder

Ure Obiyo

Ure is a Management Consultant in Dallas, TX where she consults with medium to large enterprises that are undergoing a technology adoption initiative . She has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, with a focus in Change Management. Although she doesn’t have a background in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, Ure always had a great passion for mental health. As a result of this passion, she founded MiND Your Matter to educate and empower women of African descent to take more control of their mental wellness.