Coffee Shop Talk is a discussion series that touches on a variety of topics related to women’s mental health. Each session is led by a mental health professional and gives participants a chance to learn more about mental health issues. Through these discussions, participants are also able to gain insight into how other women with similar struggles are actively taking care of their mental health.

Meet the Hosts

Nneka Jon-Ubabuco

Nneka is a board certified adult psychiatric nurse practitioner who sees adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients who have a wide spectrum of behavioral and emotional health concerns. She has experience with a variety of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders, dementia, bipolar,  schizophrenia, autism, and ADHD.

Nneka believes in the holistic biopsychosocial approach to treat patients utilizing both psychotherapy and medication management. She is involved with a variety of professional and social organizations, namely the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.


Antonette Anuwe

Antonette is a licensed psychotherapist and mental health clinician from Dallas, TX. Her areas of concentration include psychological testing and psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Baylor University in Psychology. In 2014, she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Antonette specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness as a form of treatment for a variety of mood disorders. She also uses Play Therapy to build emotion regulating skills for the little ones.

Antonette has a passion for psychology and helping others reach self-actualization. Her personal perspective on mental health is simple: if we can empathize with another’s pain, as well as validate and accept our own inner challenges, we can all move towards healing.